About Me

jen12I grew up in a small town in rural Kansas where fried bologna sandwiches were a common staple for dinner. As a member of a family of four (mom, dad and sister), my chore was the family cook starting at the age of 10.

Food has always been a comfort for me. When I was insecure, when I was happy, when I was sad, I would eat to feel better. I was the first kid in 6th grade to hit 100 pounds (seems like a rite of passage at the time). And when Junior High and High School rolled around, I envied the girls in my class who had little bodies. I seemed to be the fat girl, at least I was in my head. Though I wasn’t really THAT fat.

jen14I remember the first diet I went on. I was 12 (hadn’t hit puberty yet), and went swimming every week for the whole summer. For some reason, I got the idea that I needed to lose weight, so i drank orange juice and milk instead of breakfast and lunch. I don’t remember if I lost any weight. And from that point for the next 30 years, I continued to diet, give up, gain weight and diet again. I tried all sorts of things and I dieted my way to over 300 pounds (at my highest weight). Then something happened. In a moment of clarity, I realized… I didn’t need the weight anymore. I was successful at my job. I had dated a few men who liked me for me (didn’t care about my size, even though I always did) and I was generally happy in my life. So why carry the extra weight around? I was done with it.

jen3I feel like part of my journey to losing the weight once and for all, is sharing myself and my experiences – how I got here and how I’m getting to the next place. This blog is a collection of stories, fairy tales really, of one woman’s struggle with her body and how she decided her battle with her weight can be won victoriously!