About Me

jen12I grew up in a small town in rural Kansas where fried bologna sandwiches were a common staple for dinner. In our family of four (mom, dad, sister and me), my chore, starting at the age of 10, was cooking for the family.

Food has always been a comfort for me. When I was insecure, when I was happy, when I was sad, I would eat to feel better. I was the first kid in 6th grade to hit 100 pounds (seemed like a rite of passage at the time). And when Junior High and High School rolled around, I envied the girls in my class who had little bodies. I always seemed to be the fat girl, at least I was in my head. Actually, I wasn’t really that fat.

jen3I remember the first diet I went on. I was 12 (hadn’t hit puberty yet), and went swimming every week for the whole summer. For some reason, I got the idea that I needed to lose weight, so I drank orange juice and milk instead of having breakfast and lunch. I don’t remember if I lost any weight. From that point on for the next 30 years, I continued to diet, give up, gain weight and diet again. I tried all sorts of things and I dieted my way to over 300 pounds at my highest weight.


Then something happened. In a moment of clarity, I realized… I didn’t need the weight anymore. I was successful at my job. I had dated a few men who liked me for me and didn’t care about my size (even though I always did), and I was generally happy in my life. So why carry the extra weight around? I was done with it.

Part of my journey to losing the weight once and for all, is sharing myself and my experiences – how I got here and how I’m getting to the next place. This blog is a collection of stories, fairy tales really, of one woman’s relationship with her body and the discovery that weight loss doesn’t have to be a battle – it can be a fun, easy march to victory!

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