A perfect (and unexpected) fit

Old Navy sent me an email advertisement about a sale on $15 jeans. I had a pair of Old Navy jeans which I found at a clothing exchange and really liked. The sale gave me an excuse to go buy a couple of new pairs of jeans, since, earlier that day, I had realized that the ones I had were too big. At the time, I was wearing an American size 16W jeans. I wasn’t paying attention to how they looked, but because I was able to pull them up over my hips without unbuttoning the button, it was obviously time to donate them or save them for the next clothing exchange and buy some new ones.  

I called a friend and asked her if she wanted to go jeans shopping with me. I told her about the sale at Old Navy and I told her the jeans I was wearing were size 16W – too big and I wanted to go buy some new pairs in the next size down.  She agreed to come with me and was thrilled I had asked her, because she really likes shopping and knows a lot about fashion and putting things together.  

We walked into Old Navy and as my eye scanned the store, I saw rack after rack of all kinds of jeans. I had no idea there were so many kinds. Skinny jeans, super skinny jeans, boot cut, curvy straight, classic, hipsters just to name a few.  

Before I left my house, I looked at the style of the Old Navy pair I had – curvy straight. Since I knew those were a good style, I walked over to one of the display walls and started looking for a size 14. My friend, and expert shopper, began quickly sorting and pulling all the 14s she could find. She handed me about 8 pair and I headed back to the dressing room to them try on. My friend followed me to the changing room,  where an attendant pointed us to an unoccupied room.


I took my pants off and tried the first pair. They felt nice and, in my estimation, fit well (or at least they fit better than the ones I owned at home). My friend asked me to turn around, so she could see my rear and said, “Those are too big.” “Oh,” I said and shrugged, as they seemed ok to me.  

My friend explained that a good pair of jeans is supposed to be a “fight” to pull up; they are supposed to hug you around your butt, and they are supposed to support you in the front as you button them around your waist. Then she pulled a pair out of her stack and handed them to me… “Here, try these size 12s on.”

I gasped. In my thoughts, I said to myself… there is no way I am going to get them over my legs much less pulled up over my hips. I had just shrunk out of size 16, 14 is the next size down… so there was no way I was going to fit into a size 12.

I put my right foot in and pulled the leg over my calf. I put my left foot in and pulled it over my calf. Then grabbed the belt loops, over my hips they went and buttoned right up. “These are better,” my friend said. “Give me your phone and I’ll take your picture, so you can see the difference.” And she snapped a couple of shots.    

After taking pics of the 12s and explaining the intricacies of “the right jeans,” she told me to put the 14s back on, so she could take a pic for comparison. She showed me the pics and I saw what she was describing. She used the 12s as a base line and then went back out into the store to find as many styles of 12s as she could carry.    

The ones we didn’t like or didn’t fit right, we gave back to the changing room attendant. Then I tried the new ones she brought me. As we were making our final decisions on the pairs I wanted to purchase, she said, “These 12s still look a little big, would you humor me and put on a size 10?”

JenSize10I raised my eyebrow at her and said “Sure,” while again thinking, “No way in hell will I be able to wear a size 10. But if it will make her happy, I’m game.”

She already had them in her stack and handed me the 10s. I put them on. Over the calves, over the hips, buttoned at the waist and Voila! I was in shock. I was wearing size 10 jeans and they looked awesome on me. My friend just smiled as I admired myself in the mirror and turned around to see how good my butt looked in them.


3 thoughts on “A perfect (and unexpected) fit”

  1. Girrrrrlll! Way to go 🙂 and I actually totally empathize with your experience! I’m so glad your friend was there to help you get past your self…. Back when you & I worked together (a “few” yes ago!) And I lost like 70 lbs I learned a bigger lesson than loseung weight means buying a smaller size… Your own mental image of yourself us the LAST thing to catch up to your reality & you likely will not see yourself very accurately at least for a while. 🙂 I’ve been busting out my 18s and down into 8’s a couple times since that first HOLY CRAP – I JUST PUT ON A SIZE 10 moment…. But I remember it very distinctly. I am happy for you – not bc of the size on your jeans – u r SO much more than that! But bc you are happy. & You do look great! 😁


    1. Hi Angie… thank you for your kind words and thoughts. And thank you for reading the blog. Congrats on the 70 pounds. Hope all is well… Jen


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