The Magic Number

Something I’ve been thinking about lately is my magic number. You know the one – the number I want to pop up when I’m standing on the scale. I used to think that when I achieved the magic number, my life would start. I would get the boyfriend. Or the perfect job. Or travel. I used to think my life would be better if I weighed my magic number. 

Then I found the truth – the number on the scale actually doesn’t matter. It is like a photograph, a snapshot in time. It doesn’t matter what I weigh. My life is my life and keeping myself from being fully expressive because my weight doesn’t match the number in my head, the one I expect on the scale, wastes my moments. I have spent the majority of my life trying to achieve the magic number… working on myself, thinking that my life would be better or different once I weighed the magic number. The truth is… the number I am in this moment is my magic number. Why, you may ask? Because it is the number I currently weigh in this moment. And this moment is all that matters.

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