Temptation Everywhere (that doesn’t have to be tempting!)

One Saturday morning, I was out running errands when I looked down at the gas gauge and realized I was close to empty and needed gas. So I pulled over to the local gasoline convenience store (QuikTrip) and began pumping gasoline. Usually, I would run into the store and buy a soda or some snacks to eat, but this time, I was just content with putting gas in my car. As I was pumping gas I began reminiscing about the previous weekend when I had attended a communications and listening seminar in New York City and was thinking about the friends I had stayed with.

Sunday night after the seminar, we had gotten back to my friend’s apartment and started cooking dinner. My friend had found a cauliflower pizza crust at Trader Joe’s and wanted to try it as an alternative to bread pizza crust, similar to a gluten-free option. I had never heard of pizza crust made of cauliflower so I was intrigued by the proposition and game for trying it. We topped the crust with our favorite toppings, tomato sauce, chicken, spinach, cheese – and put it into the oven, following the preparation instructions on the back of the pizza crust box. To our amazement, the pizza was really tasty, and none of us missed the thick bread crust we would have normally had, had we ordered a pizza or made a pizza the traditional way.

The next thing I heard was the gas pump handle click as the car tank was now full of gas, and when I put the handle back up on the gasoline pump station, I noticed the sign at the top advertising Pepperoni Pizza in QuikTrip’s new Quik Kitchen. I giggled at myself because I realized that no matter where we are, or what we are doing, we are constantly inundated with pictures of food, (case in point – snack commercials during prime time TV watching, or cereal commercials during Saturday morning breakfast). Or in my case, a pizza advertisement at the top of a gasoline pump when I’m pumping gas. In that moment I thought to myself, even though there is a lot of temptation everywhere, I can still make good choices or better-for-me substitutions and still eat foods I like – like pizza, instead of depriving myself. Being on a diet doesn’t have to be torture, I can find alternative ingredients to use, to make my favorite dishes and eat healthy.

With that, I got in my car and drove down to my local Trader Joe’s where I picked up a cauliflower pizza crust, pepperoni and cheese to enjoy a slice of good ol’ home made pepperoni pizza from my kitchen.

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