The body can talk to you… as long as you’re listening.

Over the past 6 years, I have been participating in communications and relating weekend seminars in New York City, hosted by Ariel and Shya Kane. I found the Kanes when I was searching for reasons why my life wasn’t the way I wanted it. Ariel and Shya wrote a book called, “Working on Yourself Doesn’t Work, The 3 Principles of Instantaneous Transformation.” Their book resonated with me. One of the ideas they present is about “true listening.” Listening from another person’s perspective. Setting aside my opinions, agendas and prejudices, and truly listening as if the words are brand new. What a difference it made in my life when I started truly listening. New possibilities would become available to me when I was listening.

One example was when I started listening to my body. Growing up, whenever my dad would give me a hug, he had a way in his embrace where he would pop my back. It felt really great. When I left home and went to college, and subsequently started my career, I wasn’t near by dad and so couldn’t partake in his great big hugs as often as I wanted. As an alternative, I looked into chiropractic. For the last 20 years, whenever my body was telling me something was hurting or off, I would go and have an adjustment and feel better after. I also started getting massages and many times when the therapist would ask me where my troubled spots were, I’d tell them if I needed a particular concentration somewhere or if I was just there to relax. And I would almost always tell them, “you’ll find my spots.”

With chiropractic and massage, I got to know my body. I could feel when something was off and knew it was time for an adjustment or massage. What I didn’t realized (until just recently) was how I could use listening to my body in other areas such as looking to see when/if I was really hungry, or if my body was jonesing for some activity.

I recently started a new eating plan called the Ketogenic Diet. A friend of mine had done some research on it and shared with me links and her references. So I started to review and see what would fit for what I was doing. I found the plancalled the “Keto Reset Master Class” from Primal Blueprint and decided it was the fit and signed up to learn more. What I found and what the authors of the system suggested, was to eat when you’re hungry (novel thought, right)? So when I woke up in the morning, I started looking to see if I was hungry – listening to my body. Some days I was hungry, and most days I wasn’t. I started listening to when my hunger was there. My body told me when it was time to eat. And this time I heard it because I was actually listening to my body, not to the brat in my thoughts who was telling me, “I want it NOW!” Listening to when I was hungry, also showed me that I didn’t have conform to my routine or habits on when to eat. I ate when my body told me I needed fuel.

One of the things I learned from attending the Kanes’ weekend seminars is we as humans have this innate knowing. I know what I need. My body knows what it needs. And somewhere along the line I stopped listening and paying attention. Instead of listening to my body, I just did what felt good or what I “thought” I needed instead of truly listening. Now, that I’ve discovered truly listening to when I’m hungry, I find that I don’t overeat and I’m eating what my body needs for fuel. I have a choice now. I don’t listen to the brat in my thoughts that says, “I want it NOW” I look, and I listen and let my body talk.


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